Forces not vigilante groups – Opare Addo

By Wendy Amarteifio
Delta Force, Invisible Forces terrorists, not vigilante groups – Opare Addo
Forces not vigilante groups – Opare Addo

The newly-elected National Youth Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Opare Addo, has delineated pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) groups Delta Force and the Invisible Forces as terrorist groups.

He stated that the activities of the two groups amounted to terrorism and must be dealt with accordingly.

Mr. Opare Addo said on Citi News said defending the existence of vigilante groups linked to the NDC that, these bodies were necessary to act against the activities of groups like the Delta Force, which he believes the authorities have turned a blind eye to.

“Look at the definition of a vigilante group. It is not a bad organisation. When people decide to be vigilant, to check things that are wrong which are not being checked by officialdom, that’s what vigilantism is all about. We’re not taking the law into our own hands. [It’s necessary] when the situation becomes critical when they refuse to protect you. A senior police officer at the Flagstaff House was assaulted, nothing happened.”

“A judge was chased out of her courtroom, nothing happened. A Minister of State with police protection had to run for his life, nothing happened. What the NPP has aren’t vigilante groups, they are terrorist groups that must be dealt with. When you terrorize people, it becomes a terrorist group. When I protect myself, when I stand up so that I’m not oppressed, that is what vigilantism is.”

Newly elected National Youth Organizer, speaking in at the  NDC’s Youth and Women’s Conference which saw The Hawks, one of the party’s vigilante groups act as security, said such groups were necessary to “address the ills of society” that the state security agencies had failed to deal with.

He added that the NDC may be forced to establish more vigilante groups if the NPP does not dissolve the Invisible and Delta Forces.

“If the NPP and the President don’t disband the Invisible and Delta Forces, then we have no alternative, we have to be ready to protect ourselves. Senior Ministers of State with Police protection are running for their dear lives, how much more ordinary citizens.

He also said that if it becomes necessary to create more vigilante groups, why not

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