Don't be in a haste to prosecute : Kofi Abotsi advises Martin Amidu

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Akufo-Addo & Martin Amidu
Akufo-Addo & Martin Amidu

Lawyer Kofi Abotsi has advised Martin Amidu to lay a good foundation that can sustain the mandate of his office rather than being in a rush to prosecute corruption cases.

The Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu has been under public pressure to prosecute corruption cases after the establishment of his office.

Martin Amidu in an epistle complained about how some head of institutions refused to help him execute his mandate of fighting the corruption menace.

Lawyer Kofi Abotsi addressing the public concern and the seeming frustration on the part of Martin Amidu said due to the complexity of criminal cases it may take Martin Amidu sometime to deliver on his mandate.

He also advised him to rather make sure he eliminates all the bottlenecks in the line of duty as his legacy to enable his successors to do a very good job in the near future.

"We have a history of impunity and people are just reacting naturally in a sense that we are not used to that kind of accountability, there is a second reason for this it is important for us to also know that the sophistication of the target group is not as the sophistication of the general populace of the criminal let me put it that way, the average criminal defendant in Ghana is not represented by a lawyer the average person who is charged by his office will be represented by lawyer some by teams of lawyers that means if you balance it with that of his obligation to establish the case beyond reasonable doubt that means he has a mountain to climb, the complexity of criminal investigation regarding corruption makes the case even worse, you will need a team of experts to put together a winnable case for you, I think the frustration shouldn't get to him yet, the difficulty with the public may be the question of feedback.......real structural challenges and difficulty and probably remedial measures that are been put in place.."

"He, therefore, is not necessarily supposed to achieve everything during his tenure he probably maybe more interested in laying the foundations, laying the ground rules putting in place the systems and structures trying to remove the barricades and barriers of impunity and demonstrating the fact that there is a..... accountability he may not end up doing it all but by the time he leaves he would have left some legacy..." he stated when speaking on Joy FM.