I get discriminated at job interviews- former staff of defunct Capital bank narrates

By Hagar Ofosua
Capital bank

Samuel, A former staff of the defunct Capital Bank who was laid-off has revealed that he gets discriminated against when he attends job interviews. He is among the 700 staff who were laid off following the collapse of both Capital bank and UT Bank.

Speaking on Accra- based Citi FM, he noted his relation to the collapsed bank as a former staff, has since his layoff, made it very difficult of him to get another job.

“I can’t depend on the government because there is lack of employment, you apply here and there, go for interviews and immediately they see the Capital Bank, on your CV, everything is gone.”

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“The question that they need to ask you with regards to what you are applying for, they wouldn’t even ask you. They will delay the time. If you have twenty minutes, they will spend like close to 15- 18 minutes on capital bank hence less time is spent on what you can do for their company,” he added.

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