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Kweku Baako unhappy with Domelevo's needless dramatization of his office being locked

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Kweku Baako
Kweku Baako
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Managing Editor of the New Crusading Guide, Kweku Baako has commented on the Auditor-General Daniel Domelevo's decision to video his inability to access his office.

Kweku Baako is the action by Domelevo was a needless dramatization.

He explained that there were other critical issues in court concerning his office which needed more attention than the issue of being locked out of his office.

"There are serious issues both constitutional and unconstitutional pending at our courts. I think the focus should be there and it is important because when they are determined it will help us looking forward to what to do in terms of corporate governance."

"I find it very difficult to take my focus from there and bring it to this needless dramatization of change of locks. I don't even see the relationship... I refused to follow and accept anything he says and it is important to draw his attention to some of these things."

Kweku Baako stated that his checks reveal that Domelevo earlier called the Acting A-G and informed him about his coming of which he agreed. It was after his coming that he realised the locks were change and he went back to the Acting A-G and complained, the Acting A-G offered to get the new keys from him at administration but Domelevo said he is no longer interested in accessing the office because the locks were changed.

With this, Kweku Baako said the was no need for Domelevo to circulate videos of him not being able to access the office.

"The point I'm making is that nobody has put an obstacle in the way of the AG from entering his office.."

The Chairman of the Audit Service Board has provided reasons why they decided to change locks at the office of the Auditor-General Daniel Domelovo.

Prof. Edward Dua Agyeman who is the Chairman said this was done due to security reasons.

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“The board was informed that he came back collecting letter heads, the acting Auditor General informed us that he wasn’t happy about the security of that office and therefore suggested that we secure the place. The board authorised him to buy new locks and secure the place,” he said.

He further stated that the fact that Mr Domelevo was able to come to the office to pick up some documents leaves the office vulnerable to potential breaches.

“The problem with the locks was that Mr Domelevo came there a day after he has left and collected letterheads and also without telling the acting Auditor General that he was there,” he clarified to JoyNews July 29.

Mr Domelevo had visited his office on July 28, 2020, to pick some documents but realised the locks to the door had been changed.

He said when he checked with the Board they will not confirm or deny giving such an instruction.

The vociferous Auditor-General was to take an initial 123 days leave to start from July 1, but was later asked to take 167 days to include his 2020 leave days.

Fighting back, Mr Domelevo said he has been instructed to take his annual leave because his work is embarrassing the government.

In a letter to the Secretary to the president, Nana Asante Bediatuo, he said the decision to instruct him to go on leave was not taken in good faith.

But the Presidency rather extended the leave period.