We borrow weapons to execute our tasks - GIS

By Wendy Amarteifio
We borrow weapons to execute our tasks - GIS

The head of Public Affairs of the Ghana Immigration Service, GIS Supt. Michael Amoako Atta says due to the unavailability of weapons the agency borrows some from other agencies to execute tasks for the state.

According to him, even though the law governing their operations has been reviewed to allow them carry weapons, they are not available for their use.

Speaking on Starr FM, Supt. Amoako Atta said the situation makes it difficult for them to perform their duties of protecting the borders and chasing out illegal immigrants from the country.

''Even though the law has been amended to allow us use weapons, these weapons are not there. We have a few that we have borrowed from other agencies.''

''The procurement process for the purchase of the weapons is a bit cumbersome. But we have assurances from the government that the procurement process has ended so by September the weapons will come in.” 

The revelations come at a time Ghana’s border with Burkina Faso is in great disturbance as a result of the chaos in that country.

About GIS 

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is an agency of the government of Ghana under the Ministry of the Interior. The GIS regulates examination and authorization of application for visas, entry and residence permits in Ghana.

Control of foreign nationals in Ghana, facilitation of Ghanaian passport application processing, border control and management, Refugee registration, protection and management.

The service advises on and ensures the effective implementation of all laws and regulations pertaining to immigration and related issues.