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VIDEO + PHOTOS: Policemen brutalize carpenter over delay rendering service

By Kweku Antwi Jnr

Three persons suspected to be police officers at Tepa, a small town and the capital of Ahafo Ano North, District in the Ashanti Region, attacked, brutalized and manhandled a carpenter for delaying in manufacturing a bed for one of the police officers. 

In the process, a young lady who attempted to plead with the police from brutalizing the carpenter was shoved on the ground unconscious.

In the 2-minutes, 15 seconds video, the three police officers, two in plain clothes and one in uniform, were seen struggling and punching the carpenter on the floor.

Onlookers were heard asking on the background whether the said carpenter had stolen, hence the molestations.

An eyewitness report says a policeman asked the carpenter to make a bed for him but the carpenter delayed.

The report said the policeman gathered some of his colleagues to arrest the carpenter and in the processes, brutalized and molested him and anyone who came close.

Watch the full video:

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