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Nutritious foods for pregnant women

By Mutala Yakubu
Nutritious foods for pregnant women
Nutritious foods for pregnant women
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Pregnancy is one of the most complicated periods in a woman's life and pregnant women need to eat healthy to avoid any difficulty when they bring forth.

Pregnant women aside eating healthy, should also avoid physically intensive work as well.

There are four particular foods that pregnant women have to eat to keep their babies healthy when they are delivered.

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1. Foods rich in energy
These are foods that give the body energy. Carbohydrates are known to be a very good source of energy.

As such, pregnant women should consider taking maize, sorghum, rice, cassava, bananas, sweet potatoes, and arrowroots.

2. Foods that are a source of protein
Eat cooked beans, eggs, meat, milk, and fish. These are foods that are a very good source of proteins.

3. Fruits and vegetables
Always eat foods that are rich in vitamins. Vitamins are critical in the development of the baby.

4. Fats and oils
These include sunflower oil and coconut oil which are among the foods that help improve the absorption of vitamins.