Exposed! How Asante Kotoko Players stole face towels from a Nairobi Hotel

By Mutala Yakubu
Exposed! How Asante Kotoko Players stole face towels from a Nairobi Hotel

Ghanaian side Asante Kotoko FC landed in Nairobi on Thursday last week for a CAF Confederations Cup against local side Kariobangi Sharks.

The West African club came with a lot of noise and drama.Hardly had they touched down at JKIA than we started hearing complaints of their team being given a smaller team bus that couldn’t allow their players to stretch their legs. The team also complained about the substandard training venue that they had been provided for by their hosts.

Their complaints were too much to a point they forced Kariobangi to respond. The Kenyan side said that the visitors were making unrealistic demands and even challenged them to make a formal complaint with CAF.

“It is disturbing to note that our opponents have resorted to creating a false illusion of mistreatment. We would like to clarify that we have done our best as per Caf regulations and we shall continue to do so.” Read part of a statement from Sharks.

The match went on as scheduled and ended in a barren draw. But as the visitors left Nairobi, they left with some stolen face towels from the hotel they were staying.

According to a senior Ghanaian journalist Saddick Adams, City Lodge Hotel has complained about missing items that the players stole.

In fact it is believed that the players were held hostage for some of the items to be retrieved. Now this is so embarrassing for a club that bored everyone with their high demands.

In Swahili, Asante means thank you! but stealing the towels could be another form of Asante ya Punda ni mateke. The second lake of the match is scheduled for Saturday 22nd. Winners will book a spot in the lucrative CAF CC group stage.

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