Cheating fuel stations run promo to compensate customers

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
GOIL fuel station
GOIL fuel station

Some fuel stations are running promotions to compensate customers after they were cited by the Ghana Standards Authority for shortchanging their customers.

The fuel stations cited include GOIL which is now giving 25 percent free fuel on any quantity of fuel bought at their Galilea and Mile 11 stations in Accra, the two stations cited for cheating their customers.

A visit to some of the stations by officials of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers Ghana (COPEC) revealed the stations were running promotions to compensate their customers.

Meanwhile, COPEC has given the other OMCs and fuel stations up to the end of the month to compensate their customers or face action.

Some of the customers who spoke to Citi FM said they are happy the fuel stations have taken the step to compensate them after cheating them.

"I'm okay I just received an extra one gallon free on top of what I just bought that's a good initiative and I'm happy for that."

"We have laws in the country and enforcement agencies are supposed to be on guard to be monitoring all these things so that customers will get value for whatever they patronise," a customer added.

GOIL, SHELL and other cheating customers

The Ghana Standards Authority last month revealed that ten fuel stations all in Accra under deliver fuel to consumers.

The filling stations include Frimps Oil at Tetebu and Allied Oil at Sakaman had their pumps adjusted. Shell Filling Station at Amanfrom West and Goodnews Energy at Galilea near Kasoa did not have the approved 10 litter can which all fuel stations are required to have to verify the accuracy of quantity of fuel whenever there is a dispute.

The ten affected stations were all fined GHS5,000.