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'At the feet of Jesus, Palace will crumble' by Anny Osabutey

At one of the departure lounges at John F. Kennedy airport in New York, passengers on their way to Dublin, Ireland, a married couple, both in their late 60s, were locked up in a warm embrace, as other passengers look on. The man placed his leg on the plastic suitcase, stroke the back hair on the back of the woman and winked.

Do we still have virgins in the church?

It is the will of God that young Christians enter into marriage as virgins. But this is often not the case. What should young Christians both virgins and those that are not virgins do?

'Speaking truth to power with prejudice' by Elizabeth Ohene

It is interesting how once the count is over and someone is declared winner, all of us insist we voted for that person. You might just have managed to barely scrape through the elections, but when it comes to making demands on you once you are in office, everyone voted for you, or at least they all claim to have voted for you.

'Signs of the times' by Elizabeth Ohene

The ultimate sign of economic distress came last week in the form of a terse statement from the Minister of Information that the President had authorised the Finance Minister to “commence formal engagements with the IMF”.

Trotro Drivers: Are they genuinely annoying and reckless or envied by motorists

Rush hour in Accra’s traffic is never a pleasant sight. It is brazenly chaotic and messy. Especially when traffic lights are not functioning and no warden from the MTTD or even a benevolent is on the spot, the situation makes one wonder if motorists struggling to undo each other to get out of the melting chaos really have their brains at the right places.

Maintenance of the Lakplakpa bridge of the ex-motorway and matters arising

Thankfully Friday 17th June 2022 will be here specifically 6am will arrive and the aforementioned bridge on the nation’s only designated expressway will be re-opened to much relief and joy especially from the likes of Lorrencia the author of the piece titled ‘ambushed by traffic - the dilemma of working parents’.

'Probe living, not the dead!' by K. N. Adomako-Acheampong

We live in a country where people daily flaunt obscene unexplained wealth, with no one questioning. As one drives around in affluent areas, there are mansions springing up everywhere; mansions that are not obviously the results of labour.

'We are afraid of Free SHS' by Elizabeth Ohene

I have unfinished business on the subject of Free SHS and I apologise for the no-show last week. We were on the subject of whether in the light of economic difficulties, parents shouldn’t be made to carry some of the burden of the Free SHS/TVET.

'Furman University students tour Prampram' by Anny Osabutey

INSIDE the foyer of AGBAZO WE, a prominent FAMILY HOUSE famed for the selection of Chief Fishermen for Lakple, Lower Prampram landing beach, the Chief Fisherman, Nene Sorsey Quarshie, patiently sat in a plastic chair in readiness to welcome a group of students from Furman University, South Carolina, United States of America.

Why cassava could be a way to keep food costs down

In the BBC's series of letters from African journalists, Ghanaian Elizabeth Ohene considers the call of Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni for people to eat the humble cassava as the price of wheat soars around the world.

'Who is afraid of free SHS?' by Elizabeth Ohene

I am not sure I can work out which part of the Free SHS it is that seems to rile up some people quite so much. I don’t think there is any argument that we all agree that the shortest route to achieving our development goals is to get an educated workforce, an educated population.

'Mr. President, We Want our Forest Back' by Bright Simons

Long before there was Ghana, Achimota Forest was a sanctuary in which certain economic activities and despoilment were banned, and runaway slaves mingled anonymously among the sacred groves secure from recapture. It was the ultimate “retreat” from the sometimes-terrifying normality of war and politics.

'Mahama comes like kakai' by Enimil Ashon

I don’t think there is a Ghanaian above 10 who does not know, or has not known since mid-December 2021 that John Dramani Mahama will contest the 2024 elections, and I would if I were him.

'Five levels of anger' by Lawrence Darmani

How do you explain why two people—let’s say a man and his wife—who start a chat over a simple matter, soon get so worked up that the husband pulls a gun from a bedroom drawer and shoots his beloved dead?