Paul_ Allen

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, is dead at 65

Paul Allen, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft, died Monday. He was an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist who influenced many aspects of…
19-years-old, Betelhem Dessie

Meet the 19-year-old tech genius coding at Ethiopia's first AI lab

At 19-years-old, Betelhem Dessie is perhaps the youngest pioneer in Ethiopia's fast emerging tech scene, sometimes referred to as 'Sheba Valley'.

iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone XR and iPhone Xs Max: The difference

iPhones are now the trend when it comes to smartphones. It is the wish of many to use an iPhone but the expensive nature of the gadget hinders a lot of people from owning one.
An attempt to tackle Google over data tracking has been blocked by the courts

Google iPhone data privacy case blocked by High Court

The High Court has blocked a bid to sue Google for allegedly unlawfully taking data from 4.4 million UK iPhone users.
Top 10 Ghana mobile apps

Top 10 Ghana mobile apps

There are numerous mobile applications that the everyday Ghanaian smartphone user downloads. So we take a look at the Top 10 Ghana mobile apps.
Net-connected cameras have helped attackers stage large-scale attacks

Weak passwords banned in California from 2020

Default passwords such as "admin" and "password" will be illegal for electronics firms to use in California from 2020.

Facebook hack exposed 50 million users' info -and accounts on other sites

An attack on Facebook exposed information on nearly 50 million of the social network's users, the company announced Friday -- and gave the attackers access to those users' accounts with other sites…

Facebook hack: What to do if you're affected

Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg and me. And there's a good chance you, too.
Kevin Systrom (R) and Mike Krieger continued to run Instagram after it was acquired by Facebook in 2012

Instagram co-founders Systrom and Krieger leaving Facebook-owned firm

The co-founders of photo-sharing giant Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, are both leaving the firm.
Game of Thrones is one of Sky's most popular shows

Sky: Comcast outbids Fox with £30bn bid for broadcaster

US cable giant Comcast has submitted the highest bid in the auction for broadcaster Sky, valuing the company at more than £30bn.

Google still lets third-party apps scan your Gmail data

Google is defending its policy to allow third-party apps to access and share data from Gmail accounts, according to a letter made public Thursday.
Facebook employees advised Donald Trump's election campaign managers

Facebook stops sending staff to help political campaigns

Facebook will no longer send employees to work at the offices of political campaigns during elections, the company has announced. The social network used to offer dedicated staff to political…
WhatsApp no longer available for millions of people worldwide

WhatsApp no longer available for millions of people worldwide

Millions of WhatsApp users in the world will soon not be able to access the services as the tech company phases out support for older phones.
Sony's PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller than the original

Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console

Sony has announced a miniature version of the first PlayStation console, which originally launched in 1994.
E-voting machines are in use across 14 US states

US judge allows e-voting despite hack fears

A judge in the US state of Georgia has approved the use of electronic voting machines - despite being "gravely concerned" that they could be hacked.
Mr Musk (R) alleged that British diver Mr Unsworth (L) had a

Elon Musk sued for libel by British Thai cave rescuer

A British cave diver is suing tech billionaire Elon Musk for defamation after his repeated claims the diver is a child abuser.
Amazon investigates staff bribery claims

Amazon investigates staff bribery claims

Amazon is investigating claims that its employees accepted bribes in exchange for leaking confidential sales data.

BMW's future rides on the Vision iNext

BMW knows the Ultimate Driving Machine has to become the ultimate time machine.
An MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) gets  prepared for a training mission at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, on Nov. 17, 2015.

Drone assassins are cheap, deadly and available in your local store

In the heart of Venezuela's capital, Caracas, Nicolás Maduro was delivering of a rousing speech. He stood high on a podium, speaking to a parade of military troops.
Little Baby Bum's animated videos are brightly coloured and feature a range of characters

YouTube nursery-rhyme channel with billions of views sold

One of the most popular YouTube channels in the world, which features animated nursery rhymes, has been sold.
Apple IPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting watch

Apple IPhone XS unveiled alongside fall-detecting watch

Apple has updated its iPhone X handset with three more powerful models, two of which are larger than before. 
Among the species for sale were Asiatic black bears and common palm civets

Facebook animal trade exposed in Thailand

More than 1,500 listings of live animals for sale have been found on Facebook in Thailand by a wildlife trafficking watchdog.
British Airways

British Airways breach: How did hackers get in?

British Airways has revealed that hackers managed to breach its website and app, stealing data from many thousands of customers in the process.
The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all time

PlayStation 2 repair services close in Japan

Sony has ended its repair service for the PlayStation 2, more than 18 years after it first went on sale.
Facebook hopes Watch will encourage users to spend longer within its app

Facebook Watch video service launches worldwide

Facebook's Watch video-streaming service is rolling out worldwide, just over a year after its US launch.
Toyota to invest $500m in Uber in driverless car deal

Toyota to invest $500m in Uber in driverless car deal

Japanese carmaker Toyota is to invest $500m (£387m) in Uber and expand a partnership to jointly develop self-driving cars.
Instagram eyes college students with a new feature just for them

Instagram eyes college students with a new feature just for them

Instagram hopes to lure more college students to the platform with a feature that makes it easy to connect with classmates.
The shop was closed as potentially irritating fumes cleared

'Exploding' iPad prompts Apple shop evacuation

Three Apple employees have been treated for minor injuries after an iPad battery reportedly exploded in an Amsterdam shop.
Joseph Menn, Paresh Dave  4 Min Read  SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google is not close to launching a search engine app in China, its chief executive said at a companywide meeting on Thursday, according to a transcript seen by Reuters, as employees of the Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) unit called for more transparency and oversight of the project.  Chief Executive Sundar Pichai told staff that though development is in an early stage, providing more services in the world’s most populous country fits with Google’s global mission.  Hoping to gain approval from the Chinese government to provide a mobile search service, the company plans to block some websites and search terms, Reuters reported this month, citing unnamed sources.  Sponsored  Whether the company could or would launch search in China “is all very unclear,” Pichai said, according to the transcript. “The team has been in an exploration stage for quite a while now, and I think they are exploring many options.”  Disclosure of the secretive effort has disturbed some Google employees and human rights advocacy organizations. They are concerned that by agreeing to censorship demands, Google would validate China’s prohibitions on free expression and violate the “don’t be evil” clause in the company’s code of conduct.  Hundreds of employees have called on the company to provide more “transparency, oversight and accountability,” according to an internal petition seen by Reuters on Thursday.  After a separate petition this year, Google announced it would not renew a project to help the U.S. military develop artificial intelligence technology for drones.  The China petition says employees are concerned the project, code named Dragonfly, “makes clear” that ethics principles Google issued during the drone debate “are not enough.”  “We urgently need more transparency, a seat at the table and a commitment to clear and open processes: Google employees need to know what we’re building,” states the document seen by Reuters.  The New York Times first reported the petition on Thursday. Google declined to comment.  Company executives have not commented publicly on Dragonfly, and their remarks at the company-wide meeting marked their first about the project since details about it were leaked. The brand logo of Alphabet Inc's Google is seen outside its office in Beijing, China, August 8, 2018. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Google employees demand more oversight of China search engine plan

Google is not close to launching a search engine app in China, its chief executive said at a companywide meeting on Thursday, according to a transcript seen by Reuters, as employees of the Alphabet…
The system is cheaper and requires fewer staff than traditional security systems

Wi-fi could be used to detect weapons and bombs

Ordinary wi-fi could be used to detect weapons and explosives in public places, according to a study led by the Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Plastic surgeons are reporting a rise in requests to look ‘filtered’. Photograph: Lisa Lake/Getty Images for HBO

Snapchat photo filters linked to rise in cosmetic surgery requests

Plastic surgeons are reporting that patients are coming to them with selfies of themselves edited using the filters on Snapchat or Instagram and asking to look more like the retouched photo.
Facebook adds quirky Messenger games to video chats

Facebook adds quirky Messenger games to video chats

Facebook's latest additions to Messenger will have you dodging asteroids and trying to keep a straight face. The company announced Wednesday that it is adding two games to its messaging app that…
Facebook does access some financial data - but says this is only done with users' consent

Facebook denies seeking users' bank data

Facebook has denied reports that it is actively asking banks for details of users' financial transactions.
Android 9 Pie

Android 9 Pie is available now on Google Pixel phones

The next generation of Android is on its way. And you guessed it -- the P is for Pie. Android Pie, the new version of Google's mobile operating system, previously called Android P, comes first to the…

President Akufo-Addo inaugurates Abenaso Rural Telephony Project

President Akufo-Addo has inaugurated the Rural Telephony Project at Abenaso in the Eastern Region.
Google might return to China.

Google might return to China. Here's why that's so controversial

Google is reportedly planning to get back into China, a lucrative market where it has a long history of tangling with authorities.
WhatsApp launches four-person group video calling

WhatsApp launches four-person group video calling

WhatsApp teased that its messaging app would add a long-awaited group video calling feature several weeks ago, and it's finally here. Both Android and iOS users can now hold audio and video…
Samsung’s new flexible display can withstand a lot of drops

Samsung’s new flexible display can withstand a lot of drops

There are those who will almost certainly take Samsung’s declaration of an “unbreakable” display as a challenge.
KNUST student builds single-phase traffic light

KNUST student builds single-phase traffic light

A Physics student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has defied the odds to design a 'single phase' system which is aimed at easing the cost of building and repairing traffic…
Social media apps are 'deliberately' addictive to users

Social media apps are 'deliberately' addictive to users

Social media companies are deliberately addicting users to their products for financial gain, Silicon Valley insiders have told the BBC's Panorama programme. 
Tricks for staying offline on WhatsApp

Tricks for staying offline on WhatsApp

Privacy on WhatsApp is a serious matter. But anybody can add an extra security layer to their profile by taking a few steps. If you would like to hide your personal data and avoid being exposed to…