Ghana risk losing all farmlands to real estate developers

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Farmlands in Ghana

The growing activities of real estate developers in the country may in the coming years bring extinction to farmlands in Ghana.

That’s according to Samuel Anyankusi, a planner, whose assessment is that if care is not taken, in the next fifty to hundred years there will be no farmland for agriculture purposes.

He described the activities of the real estate developers, of acquiring every available farmland for estate projects, as a national crisis which no one seems to care about.

In the past few years, most parts of Ghana have been developed by real estate companies, now connecting most communities in the country to each other especially the capital Accra to neighbouring communities.

Some of these connected communities include Dodowa, Amasaman, Pokuase, among other communities.

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But speaking on the growing trend in Ghana which has affected all the ten regional capitals in the country, Mr Samuel Anyankusi said: “for the fact that we allow ourselves to develop our buildings horizontally without any proper planning, my concern as we look at the……. Is going to do with security in the future. If we look at the 1992 Accra development plan there is a big chunk of the plan that goes to agriculture because there was land for agriculture which was only 1992.”

According to him, looking at 25years back compared to now there has been a huge difference in how we plan to protect our farmlands which will cater for the next generations.

On the way forward, he said we need more advocacy from state agencies to make Ghanaians aware of their actions before it becomes too late.

He also called for stakeholder engagements with landowners and traditional councils to help salvage the emerging trend.

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