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Ghanaians unhappy with GhiPSS resumption of charges on some financial transactions

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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A cross section of Ghanaians have raised concerns about the decision of the Ghana Interbank Payment Systems, GhIPSS to resume charges on some financial transactions.

According to them, the decision for the resumption is quite premature because the Covid-19 pandemic is still with us and a lot of people are not making the needed revenue.

"I think introducing charges will be a problem because around this time people are not even making more money if you want to charge them more it becomes a problem to the community so I will not encourage that."

"In the past, we have realised that when go to the shop to send money they already complain that the charges that they take is too much, they wish that from 100gh and below they don't take anything," another customer added.

GhIPSS has directed financial institutions to resume charges on some transactions in the country. GhIPSS said financial institutions and firms are to end the waiver given to customers.

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From May 23 customers will pay the charges and fees on mobile money interoperability services and other financial platforms.

GhIPSS in a notice said, "The sustainability of these gestures were premised on the assumptions that inflow from the cheques and E-zwich business will cushion the company over the period."

But GhIPSS was not able to cash in more from these services forcing them to resume the charges which were waived in March.

Banking consultant Nana Acheampong noted that the best way to resolve any conflict between GhIPSS, Banks and the customers will be a dialogue.

"If it appears that the two bodies are in conflict then the best way to resolve will be a dialogue."