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Gov’t promises to build four flats in constituency capitals

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Housing project

Government has revealed that plans are underway to build a minimum of four flats in every constituency headquarters in Ghana as part of its efforts to bridge Ghana’s housing deficit.

Works and Housing Minister Samuel Atta Akyea at the sod cutting ceremony for the rapid housing technology in Accra on Tuesday said: “the government of President Akufo-Addo has the policy to erect a minimum of four flats in every constituency headquarters in Ghana.

“We have 275 constituencies in Ghana and when you go into the interior that’s where the mess is and everyone in the interior wants to come to Accra and Accra is oversubscribed. It’s chocked. And therefore we should beautify the interior so that people can live there to do decent jobs for us.”

As part of measures to wipe out the 1.7million units of housing deficit which Mr Atta Akyea said is “embarrassingly mocking us” the government is collaborating with its Hungarian counterpart to construct affordable houses for Ghanaians across the country.

This follows a partnership agreement between the governments of Ghana and Hungary through Solin, a private company from Hungary with expertise in providing polystyrene concrete technology housing systems.

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The project—which will seek to bridge the housing gap among Ghanaians—will provide fast and cost-effective affordable houses based on a polystyrene concrete technology to ultimately construct 10,000 housing units for Ghanaians.

In his address at the sod-cutting ceremony for the project, Mr Atta Akyea said the project could not have come at a time when the country was faced with a housing deficit of 1.7 million units.

“We cannot have a sane society if people do not have a decent home of abode,” he said, adding: “We should embrace this modern technology with so many prospects for Ghana as it will help wipe our housing deficit.”

Polystyrene concrete Housing Technology

Polystyrene concrete Housing Technology has been present in the construction industry for several decades, however, its application has not spread worldwide yet. Polystyrene is used for building insulation since it offers a cheap solution. In contrast, polystyrene concrete is non-flammable, it provides excellent fire safety and it produces a minimal amount of smoke when burning.

Conventional concrete can be applied primarily for the construction of load-bearing structures, while structures built from polystyrene concrete have an excellent insulating ability as well, therefore, they require no additional insulation. Ghana News