How not to get broke after Valentine’s Day celebration

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

Spending time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day can be one of the nice moments together, but the day will not last forever and life still goes on, so planning for during and after the celebration will be the wise thing to do.

You will cripple your pocket if you do not plan adequately for life after Valentine’s Day celebration, in a quest to make your partner feel special, you may be tempted to spend all your saving on the celebration.

In this article, I will help you with some ways to plan for your days after Valentine’s Day celebration.

1. Celebrate the day before or after

One of the ways to escape the tendency of running out of cash after Valentine’s Day is to plan your celebration not necessarily on the 14th of February.

Most products are likely to go up during Valentine’s Day celebration because of high demand, the best way to beat this phenomenon is to either buy your presents before the celebration or plan your outing before or after the 14th.

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The Valentine’s Day pressure may also force you to buy some other things you did not plan for but with different days for the celebration, you are at liberty to determine the pace and things to use for the celebration to save money for the rest of your needs.

2. Eat at home

One of the factors that increase the cost of Valentine’s Day celebration is the place to spend the day at, and this ends up raising the cost of the celebration because you will spend on food and transport which can be prevented if the celebration is held at home with a good meal and a nice environment in the house.

With this you can consume the rest of the meals even days after the celebration, you do not need to be broke after your Valentine’s Day celebration so with this you can still have money after the celebration.

3. Head to a Movie Premiere

Valentine’s Day celebration is not always about the food to eat and the wine you drink, but how in a simple way you can make the event memorable, most people do not consider the idea of going to a movie premiere together, especially the movie she is yearning to watch.

This will not only make her happy but create a lasting impression on her mind of your gesture shown that day. So find a good cinema with the best of movies lineup for Valentine’s Day celebration and take your partner there. You can save a lot from this than buying presents and taking her out on dinner.

4. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

This is one of the creative ways to cut down cost and save for other days, you can put together pictures of your moments together and share with her on Valentine’s Day, you can go further to talk about some of the most adorable things you can remember of each other. Compiling pictures does not require any huge amount to do, just make sure you compile the best of moments for the day and save yourself the hassle of spending a lot this day.

5. Play games

Playing of games of mutual interest to all partners will be an exciting thing to do on Valentine’s Day, you can cook something small or order for a moderate food from your favourite restaurant, accompany this with a well-known game or you invent a love game. Show love through this and it will not cost you to the extent of being broke after the celebration.