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How not to run out of cash this Christmas

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

Festive seasons, Christmas, has always come with a huge cost to most families and breadwinners, people have to spend a lot of cash on the celebration which leaves them wandering around for money after the celebration.

This Christmas will be the same as most individuals will be taken away by the festive season and spend out of their budgets with the aim of having the biggest fun during the period.

But the most difficult times will be after the celebration and in this case, January 2020 which will seem to be more than the normal days of the month because most people will run out of cash.

I will help you with some ways in which you will be saved in January 2020 when the celebrations are over.


Vendors normally increase prices of products when festive seasons are getting closer, as a customer you should learn some strategic bargaining powers not to buy products at exorbitant prices which will affect your pocket in the long end.

Bargaining will also help you to get value for your money, out straight purchase will make vendors cheat you. This Christmas season make sure you try bargaining with vendors and also try other shops to know the market prices of the product before buying, this gives you a clear idea of how you are likely to get the product or service you need.

Start shopping now

One of the great mistakes we make as customers is that we wait for the celebration to be very close before we start shopping, and this will not help your budget because at this time most product and services will be very expensive.

Start shopping now so it helps you stay within budget, and also you can buy more with the little you have.

Make a list

Knowing what to buy at the right time is key, making a list of things before going to the market or the mall will help you to buy the needed things for the family. 

A lot of products will be on the market during the festive season and without a list, you may end up buying a lot of things that you may not necessarily need. But with the appropriate list, you will stay on course of not running out of cash after the Christmas celebration.

Don't overbuy food

Foods and drinks and things that normally hold celebration, having enough to eat and drink will be the first thing that will come in mind when festive season is close, but that should not be the case festive seasons come and go and you will need to just eat what can feed the family or friends don't buy too much and end up throwing the rest away.

Share celebration cost

Friends are likely to inform you of their coming to spend the Christmas day at your end and normally you will need to provide for them, but it's not wrong to share the cost with them. Tell your friends to also come along with some things for the celebration this reduces your celebration cost.