Affordably Priced: Syinix Electronics makes it mark on the Ghanaian market

By Clement Edward Kumsah

Syinix, a professional electronics brand committed to becoming a family choice for warm and cosy lives has hit the Ghanaian markets at an affordable price.

 Syinix brand essence of comfort and economy is embedded in the theme colour of green symbolizing nature and health, simple yet elegant finish design, easy and optimized user experiences etc.

To satisfy the growing demand of consumers discerning lifestyle, Syinix offers more home-related products in an all-rounded perspective. Continuing to deliver and maintain the high standards consumers expect, Syinix strives to deeply integrate into everyone’s daily life.

The Syinix brand has enjoyed rapid development so far across Africa, and already won numerous honours. It is always aimed at providing suitable home appliances at the best prices, and constantly enriching its customers' life experience. Syinix has a top-notch team of designers, and high-quality products certified by the international ISO9001 quality management system and CE safety certification adopted by the EU.


Syinix products range from TVs, Fridges, Freezers, Microwaves, Irons, Kettles, Blenders, Washing Machines, Water Dispensers, Airconditioners, Standing fans and Sandwich Makers. Syinix TVs ranges from 32 inches to 65 inches.

All TV sets are super slim with high-resolution screens, equipped with convenient multiple terminals. Syinix TV sets is noted for its superb pictures and voices through some functions like colour fidelity, sharp contrast, and supports local language menu display and USB play as well.

There is also considerate configuration like energy saving, stabilizer free etc. in light of the local electric power situation in Ghana and most parts of Africa.

All these functions and features are designed in full consideration of the local market demands and consumer habit, which once again reflect the Syinix design philosophy and mission of serving customers with top quality yet affordable electronic products.

In Ghana, Syinix provides first-class after-sales services for its customers by cooperating with Carlcare Service Centre; which is a leading service brand for consumer electronics in Africa.

Partnering with Banana Electronics, Syinix products can be found in all major shopping malls in Accra and Kumasi, and in the open electronics market all over the country.

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