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Check out the full lyrics of #godMC, M.anifest's track dissing Sarkodie

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Check out the lyrics of M.anifest's #godMC, the track which took a dig at Sarkodie


I pull up on the future, screaming hallelujah.

In a barracuda smoking buddha in fallujah
Clash of the titans i had dinner with medusa.

Don’t turn me into stone, boy i’m a ruler.

They sipping amarula me i kick it with a cougar.

Tonight will be lit, super

Califragilisticexpiali i’m precocious
These dudes you call cool, atrocious.

Don’t get intoxicated by these drunkards
They run on prejudice it’s a trump card.

On my lampard chale i’m so frank.

Give you the blues who is who? go rank.

Don’t measure your pen with mine, you pantomime and asinine
And you wanna be king? Get your ass in line.

These no be bars i’m just passing time

Chale i dey, I just chock it
Laughing hard till there are tears in a bucket.

Some of my peers spineless they are muppets.

Always nodding like a lizard, damn it, agama…

What’s a king to a god mc?
Numero uno, that be me


You no be star no be star, you’re a comet at best.

Don’t ask me no questions, no comment; i rest.

Tell the fashion police they can make an arrest
These boys copying the west looking a mess
It’s retarded.

Tell to get me started
I got a strong will, i am the prime target.

Go to the market, buy yourself manners
Don’t use my name in vain, that’s just for starters.

Hors d’oeuvres i got some nerve
On my Djokovic fear me when i dey serve
Ghanaians so concerned about diplomas and awards.

Titles and the bible, i find it absurd
Went from inspector Bediako to Khumkhum Bhagya.

Progress or regress? now who you calling sucker
When the boss is around who can you boss around?

We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down.

Even my nonfa back then had sense in it
Difference between me and them? you’re sensing it.

My talent, my vision, where i come from
Just a couple of things you put respek on
I’m a rare breed no wonder i’m in rare form.

All the m.anifans know that i’m there for ‘em
I’m in rare form, madinafour know sey i’m there for them


I just chock it.

Laughing hard till there are tears in a bucket.

Some of my peers spineless they are muppets
Always nodding like a lizard, damn it, agama...

What’s a king to a god mc?
Numero uno, that be me

Dem dey claim pure cold but dem be copper
Don’t compare a name dropper to a showstopper like me.

You ain’t’ gotta like me broda
Only 5 10, but the flow be T-taller.

Afro trapping like hoteps with dope left
Though i often write my default is to go left
W’ani aba anaa?

Vex for your corner, saa
Kidnap your ears for years now it’s stockholm syndrome.

My train of thought is darker than my skin tone
I pen poems alone listening to nina simone and koo nimo.

God as my witness i’m taking no prisoners
The hype machine mean, but it won’t imprison us.

For the underdogs and outlaws go get yours.

Yes we dey form, no we no go conform
If you talk funny and think you’ll go scot-free
Then travel safe my guy, godspeed.

Nowhere cool coming soon for your cd changer
E go shatta glass ceilings, it’s a game changer
God mc never been a faker.

I dey go see shatta for mahama paper.

My guy obidi, let me return the favor
You know what time it is, later is greater.