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Easter Comedy Show: DKB’s performance was an “uncouth behaviour”- Nana Konadu criticises

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Former First Lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has criticised the performance of Ghanaian comedian DKB’s during the recent Easter Comedy Show describing it as “uncouth behaviour”.

According to the former first lady, “You don’t have to be vulgar talking about women’s part, men’s part, sleeping with each other in a very daft way.”

“It is was uncouth behaviour. Excuse me for saying, I wasn’t there for that kind of thing. I’m not a child. A joke is a joke. You need to sit down and think and ask yourself, what is it that the people want, what can make them laugh and then you plan it out and come out to deliver it," she said in an interview with Pulse.

Mrs. Rawlings stated that she left the event during DKB’s outing on stage and expects better from Ghanaian comedians.

“You shouldn’t come and tell us about who is sleeping with who, who’s man’s size is smaller.

“I left because it was not right. Everybody has paid to come and watch with their children and there you are with this act.

“The Nigerian man was really good. He dwells on jokes and gives examples of things that the police were doing that were wrong, how he got into trouble with the police, how he got out of it. They were things that were funny.

"I’m saying once again jokes are not vulgarity, they are different. If Ghanaians say they want to become comedians and all they can do is to give us vulgarity, I’m not interested.

"I think it is wrong for our country to accept such behaviour. It is totally unacceptable," she posits.