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Hajia4real takes the Supa challenge to a new level with her big 'asset'

By PrimeNewsGhana

One person who is really enjoying a lot of media hype and buzz now is Supa, who is also known as Ghana Tupac. He currently has a challenge where many celebrities try to mimic his speaking and walking style called the Supa Challenged name after him.

Instagram model, Hajia4real has also joined the trending Supa challenge with her beautiful face and the well-endowed backside is beautifully displayed in a new video.

The video which was shared by Hajia on her IG page has the well-endowed socialite doing the funky style of Supa’s raps as she ends with the weird style of walking showing her big a$$

Supa is the new sensation who has most of his teeth in his mouth removed and many including veteran high-life legend, Paulina Oduro question why the media is unnecessarily giving him that hype.

Supa, also known as the Ghana Tupac is a new emerging rapper from Nima and just yesterday dropped what has come to be his first single track