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"I have a girlfriend; I am a big boy now" - 11-year-old Tutulapato

By Michael Eli Dokosi
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11-year-old rapper and toast of many, Tutulapato has intimated that he's found love and although he is not sexually activated just yet he enjoys the talk for now.

Real name Cosmos Boako, Tutulapato burst onto the public sphere with his playful yet lethal Fante raps and rhymes appearing on the 'Kasahare Level' show before eventually winning TV 3's 2013 edition of Talented Kids.

"I have a girlfriend; I am a big boy now", Tutulapato informed Pope Skinny when he appeared on Adom FM's 'Kasahare Level' show but was quick to add till he turns 18 years, there would be no coochie for him.

Although things have not particularly gone smoothly for Tut and Pope who served as his guide thanks to family dictations, it's a good sign that Pope hasn't cut him off totally.