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M.anifest trends with #sugar new song ft. Brymo

By Michael Eli Dokosi
M.anifest & Brymo
M.anifest & Brymo
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His poetry and rap gift has always been there but there is little doubt that M.anifest since his #godMC song has cultivated for himself hardcore fans who now claim him and now set out to promote and project his offerings.

In that vein the ‘M.anifans’ as they are identified have caused their god’s newly released song #sugar ft. Brymo to twitter trend.

Although ‏@manifestive put #sugar on iTunes for preview and paid downloads ($0.99), he must have offered the free downloads sites in the country access so fans can consume the new work.

The song produced by @jaysoskillions has an Afrobeats feel, mellow and easy on the ears. With M.anifest’s fertile mind and vivid imagination he offers rhymes and word play fans truly relish.

The tune also touches on a few pertinent issues including quest to find suitable partner, career women, penury, finding ones level in the scheme if things and vices hard to bury.

Here are a few choice phrases from #sugar:

//Harry met Sally, everyone for find their size

How can a midget and a giant rub shoulders?

She's not career driven listen she prefers chauffeur

I know a guy whose charm is unemployed, it never works

But he has dough and having dough has it's perks

I know a stunning cunning girl who can cook and twerk

An uncomfortable truth is like a loose tooth

You’re better with it out, some go hear this and pout

I’m not judging

How can a midget and a giant rub shoulders?

Amina sisi mu nyÉ› den ah onware Yakubu

Cause a shine eye girl is trouble to a man

An irresponsible guy, cancer for woman//

With his #Nowherecool album eagerly awaited and #sugar coming on the heels of #godMC, one can only expect great things on the album.

Brymo @brymolawale offers a feel to the tune only he can in the #ThursdayTreats release and given he’s not featured on any artiste’s song for 3 years, this is a good one.

It’s another solid outing for @manifestive. Certainly he can’t be ruled out in the next VGMA.