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Pamela Odame, who is this lady taking Ghana’s Internet by storm?

By Michael Klugey
Pamela Odame, who is this lady taking Ghana’s Internet by storm?
Pamela Odame, who is this lady taking Ghana’s Internet by storm?

Pamela Odame Watara is currently trending on all social media platforms in Ghana for obvious reasons after she was exposed in a recent interview on her educational background.  

Pamela was born to a Kenyan father and a Ghanaian mother 22 years ago. She’s gradually becoming a social media sensation. Google her name and you will discover she has no namesake or lookalike.

Before the unfortunate trending on social media, Pamela Odame had been receiving many criticisms from some social media users who claimed her huge breasts were fake and had silicone implants.

Pamela Odame

Pamela despite the criticism took to social media to put her boobs on display by dancing to songs in short videos with her breast being the focus of the videos. The trick managed to get the attention of Ghanaians as she started granting interviews.

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In a recent interview on PeaceFM's 'Entertainment Review' show, Pamela disclosed that she went to Dr Obengfo, the Chief Executive Officer of Advanced Body Sculpt Centre at Dr Obengfo Hospital just to have her huge breast reduced in order to stop some back pains she was experiencing but the price of GH¢30,000 was too much to bear at the time.

Pamela further explained that she realized she had a huge breast at an early age and has had some challenges dealing with the issue until she decided to use it for her own advantage.

Pamela Odame 

Pamela Odame was invited into the studios of PeaceFM by Akwesi Aboagye to confirm if she is truly a student of Wisconsin University College as she claims to be.

Pamela Odame confidently told the host that she is a student of Wisconsin University with the student ID number as 15.

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The SRC president for Wisconsin University College, Bridgette Bonnie in a phone interview with Akwesi Aboagye revealed that Pamela Odame is not a student of Wisconsin University.

The SRC president insisted that even though she doesn’t know every student on the campus, a figure like Pamela Odame would make news on campus with her huge breast.

Ola Michael, a panel member on the show went to the school to confirm that Pamela lied about being a student of Wisconsin.

My boobs are natural, I' am not a sex doll

According to Ola Michael, Pamela only goes to the campus to visit her boyfriend who is a student of the school but Pamela insisted she is a student but failed to give enough proof to defend her claim.

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