Women to blame for domestic violence - Nollyhood Actress

By africanentertainment
Monalisa Chinda
Monalisa Chinda

Veteran Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda might have set off a bomb following clips of an interview session between her and colleague Okey Bakassi where she was filmed arguing that most of the time, women make their men beat them up.

The newly married actress who allegedly left her first marriage following severe physical abuse shared heatedly that despite being an ambassador for the fight against domestic violence, 50% percent of the victims of domestic violence brought it upon themselves by provoking their men.

In her own words, “women should quit provoking their men into punches and slaps and all kinds of things”.

She added that always researches whenever she learns of any case of domestic violence because it’s a cause ‘close to her heart’ and have discovered that half of the time, it’s the women who are responsible – owing to their predominantly ‘running mouths’.