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How far will PDS go?

By PrimeNewsGhana
How far will PDS go?
How far will PDS go?
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Power Distribution Services Ghana (PDS) has taken over the operations and management of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The idea behind the change is to improve electricity reliability, access, affordability and efficiency under the Ghana Power Compact II.

The Change

Most people don't like change.  Especially when we don't know for sure whether that change will be positive or negative. Change is just like tossing a coin. We dont know the outcome. Change is risky.

When I heard for the first time ECG is about changing. The first thing that stepped in my mind was corruption and politics. This is our story. This is how majority of us have been affected by the system and tuned to think as such.  Linking everything to corruption and politics.

However, I am not saying it has nothing to do with it either.  But why don't we look at the bigger picture here.

I am part of the theologians who believe, Ghana as a country have the personnel and the resources to do anything on our own.

I don't think we need a third party to teach us how to make phones, cars, soaps, books, toilet rolls, chairs, shoes, clothing etc.

We don't need the aid of third parties to build for us; hotels, offices, skyscrapers, trains, etc. To mine minerals; gold, bauxite, aluminium,oil etc.

I believe we have to try , make mistakes, improve, then we train others. Its not easy as it sound but for the sake of our future it is the best option.

The bigger picture; Was the change needed?

Probably not. ECG is a resilient company.  They have stood the test of time, made mistakes and have worked hard enough to manage the distribution of power in our country.

Nonetheless, power is still not reliable, illegal connections still ongoing. Faults keep recurring, unqualified personnel still climb poles to work on them, meters are being sold as well as their inadequacy.

Customer service unreliability, overwhelming fluctuations, staff unsatisfactory, making net losses, constant casualties, tariff keeps increasing over the years.

You can bear with me that, these issues will never come to a halt because staff and the public have become used to the system and therefore have accepted it to move with the flow. "That is how it is" a common phrase everyone uses.

But that is not supposed to be so. We have to change. Change is needed. Our system need to change.

A management shake-up might have done the job? Maybe or maybe not.

The depth of the losses incurred goes a long way to affect VRA and GRIDCO?

This is definitely something a shake up might not be able to do. There was a need for a third party. A great decision I may say.

ECG was financially unstable. Of course politicians will always have a say, in a government institution being sold but this was an institution that just could not run.

I still stand by my theory we can do it ourselves. But here we are. Whether we like it or not. Contracts have been signed. PDS is here to stay.

I initially thought PDS coming in, will come with their own number of people to occupy the whole management of PDS Ghana.

But to my surprise, they came with ideas not personnel. They invested an amount as reports say.

For the few months, they have been operating. Staff, contractors can testify the massive positivity the management of PDS have installed in them.

Behavior change towards work and staff satisfaction, discipline have all gone on the rise.

A whole new energy of becoming the best company in Africa has taken a toll on all employees of the company. They are breaking their legs to put things right. This is change and we should embrace it.

ECG's activities have had a bad image which has put a dent on PDS.

There is a need for the public not to see them as similar. But to give them a deserved time. Change is difficult but we need to try and adapt to it.

I have had a personal experience that makes the name ECG annoy me to the core. Do you know metres are not sold per the policy of ECG?
Shocking right?

Many don't know this, just I and my family were. Even those who know, end up paying in a desperate attempt to get one at all cost.

This is bad. Some people had to scoop 1,500 Ghana cedis to get a metre.  A device supposed to aid ECG make money.  Just imagine how many Ghanaians have been duped of that money. Imagine the amount they gather doing this for years Yet, some will say "that is how it is". It is disheartening.

PDS have come to change all these setbacks and burden on the end users.  Politicians interfering activities of PDS will be a No No. They made promises and so far have been able to achieve them. They can't do it all alone. They need the people .They need the staff. They need management.


For the people: If not for anything, there is going to be a reliable power supply. The Public Utility Regulatory Committee (PURC) has ensured tariffs will not be increased.  Surprisingly they just did.  Meters are going to be of quality and adequate for Ghanaians. No one will pay for them. This is better, let's go for it. Help the company do away with people who do not pay bills, illegal connections. They need your help. Do this to make our Ghana a better place.

For the staff: All work is on you. The future of reliable power supply is in your hands. You can make Ghana proud and by being the best Power distribution Company in Africa. The management is open to attending and listening to you. If you have an idea or problem that ECG ignored. This is the best time to do it.

For Management: You have made promises to the employees and people of Ghana. One thing that destroys us is politics and 'who you know'. We plead that immediately you make these two set in, you have basically upgraded ECG. You will be ECG 2.1. We want a change. Do as you promised. No interference from Politicians. Strengthen the Human Resource so you avoid incompetent people derailing the success of the Company.

Let all stakeholders give in their best. PDS is here to serve. Let's let them.

By: Dzorlevo Bright