'Kwatrekwa' manifesto unveiled!

By Daily Guide
President John Mahama

There is an Akan proverb which literally translates, “If nakedness says it would give you clothing, just look at its name.” How profoundly true!

“Kwatrekwa” is the Akan word for nakedness. I’ve decided to label the recently launched manifesto by the ruling Zu-za “Kwatrekwa manifesto” because the document is full of phantom ideas and promises. The manifesto does not inspire hope because most of the promises were made in order to hoodwink undiscerning electorate to vote and maintain the corrupt Zu-za government.

Time and again, we hear the irritating claim that 123 community day secondary schools are at various stages of construction. We demanded a list containing the location of the said schools about a year ago but we are yet to receive any. Or could it be that the number had been inflated to delude the unsuspecting public to believe in their propaganda?

Did you hear the one student, one tablet promise by Mr Ogwanfunu? I can’t think far oo!  For a government that struggles to provide chalks and furniture for schools in the hinterlands, the one tablet per student policy is nothing but a political prank.

Corruption is no doubt a very big issue in this year’s election. Interestingly, Mr Ogwanfunu was silent on corruption during his manifesto highlight presentation. He however decided to say something on corruption during the manifesto launch in Sunyani because his silence on the issue was very loud.

Listen to him: “We’ve applied the most potent disinfectant in fighting corruptions; and we will continue to make corruption a high-risk venture.”

Laughable, isn’t it? His so-called disinfectant is anything but potent. What a potent disinfectant does is to kill rodents and insects that come into contact with it. How can Mr Ogwanfunu’s disinfectant be said to be potent when rodents and insects like GYEEDA, SUBAH, SADA, bus-branding, Hon. Chooboi and Hon Swagger are enjoying their loot after fleecing this poor country? For sure, corruption is rather a low-risk venture under Mr Ogwanfunu’s watch.

Hon. Chooboi was at his shouting best in Sunyani as he chanted the name of his messiah. Of course, Mr Ogwanfunu is his political messiah. If after the deadly combination of thievery and incompetence in Brazil the President still protected him, why wouldn’t he shout his voice hoarse in praise of his political messiah?

Indeed, those expecting Mr Ogwanfunu to tackle corruption head-on should know better than to be disappointed. The man’s record on corruption speaks for itself. If the man himself has his hands tainted, then how do we expect him to crack the whip on his corrupt appointees?

I do agree with what a friend wrote on his facebook wall. He said anyone expecting Mr Ogwanfunu to deal with corruption should be behaving like a primary school child. If an old woman feels uneasy at the mention of dry bones in proverbs, how do you expect that old woman to feel comfortable mentioning dry bones?

Wofa PK, the Vice-President, was also in his elements during the manifesto launch in Sunyani. His explanation on real and nominal values was as illuminating as the incantation of a fetish priest. Yes, it was pure gibberish!

As for the claim that he had been advised not to respond to Dr Bawumia’s lecture with another lecture, he has to rescind that decision oo! We have to search frantically for the so-called lecturer friend of his. The friend cannot deny me and my compatriots the opportunity of a comprehensive response to the Bawumia lecture by the “very competent” Wofa PK. How we would love to hear his voodoo economic analysis!

Abusuapanin, you do know that we have a President who claims to abhor dirty politicking and politics of insult. But what did we see in Sunyani? We saw a brilliant display of buffoonery and tomfoolery as some Zu-za youth carried a coffin with Nana Addo’s pictures on it in full glare of their party leadership. A clear case of actions speaking louder than words, isn’t it?

Since when did wishing a political opponent dead become part of manifesto launch? If wishing Nana Addo dead is part of Zu-za’s four-year development plan, why did they avoid putting it in the kwatrekwa manifesto? Indeed, we shall know them by their fruits!

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!