Government to purchase materials for contractors on state projects.

By Michael Abayateye
Samuel Atta Akyea

Minister for Works and Housing, Samuel Atta Akyea, has said, government will no longer give cash to contractors.

Materials needed would rather be provided for them, to ensure that projects are completed on time.

This according to the Minister has become necessary after it was discovered that, a substantial number of contractors engaged by government, abandon projects after misappropriating monies supposed to be used for the purchase of materials.

Speaking at the sitting of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament on Friday, the Minister said, a lot of government projects have delayed because the contractors misapply or use funds meant for the projects for other non-related activities.

"Contractors would use the money for other purposes apart what it is meant for and that is why we would not put monies into anybody's hands to be used to look after children schooling abroad and other things," he stated.

"We will buy iron rods which must be applied for the project and when we continue this way, projects will be completed on time," he added.

He stressed funds for the cost of labour and profit margins as defined by the contract, will be the only money paid contractors.

Over the years, government properties have been abandoned by contractors due to lack of funds to complete them despite government pre-financing those projects. GhanaNews