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Deputy Lands Minister commissions Photon Assay Laboratory in Tarkwa

By primenewsghana
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The Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources in charge of Mining, George Mireku Duker, has emphasized the critical role of technology and innovation in creating positive, progressive and sustainable developments in Ghana’s mining industry.

He stated that technical advancements characterize the fourth industrial revolution, adding that any country that does not move quickly to accept these innovations would be left behind.

The Deputy Minister made the statement at the commissioning of the Intertek Minerals Photon Assay Laboratory in Tarkwa on Tuesday.

He said, however, that the present administration has proven its unwavering dedication and commitment to ensuring that the country’s mining industry is driven by the latest technical advances.

“Ghana’s abundant mineral resource that anchors its development continues to be explored and exploited by some 500 exploration projects and about 23 large-scale mining operations, respectively. These are ably supported by some 235 companies offering engineering and mine support services such as drilling, contract mining and assaying services, among others, with Intertek Minerals being one of such giant players in the sector and the reason we are gathered here today,” he stated.

He outlined some of the significant benefits that a technologically driven mining sector would have on Ghana’s economy, narrowing it down to the Intertek Photon Assay Laboratory Services, and stated that a proper assaying laboratory is critical for the sector and the country because it helps ensure accurate mineral valuation.

Mr Duker discussed several specific elements of the Photon Assay system that he was confident would address every difficulty associated with gold assaying in Ghana.

“A functional mining industry, therefore, requires an equally functional Assay Laboratory Service at all stages of the mineral value chain, from resource estimation and ore optimization studies to mine site rehabilitation after closure. The Photon Assay Laboratory, I am told, is a revolutionary analytical technique that ushers in a new era of speed, accuracy and safety in gold analysis. One of the notable features and capabilities of the Photon Assay technology is the delivery of results in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. This speed can significantly improve decision-making processes in mining operations,” he said.

The Western Regional Minister, Mr Kwabena Okyere Darko Mensah, vouched for the credibility and competence of the company, noting that its arrival would greatly help the country.

“Based on research, Photon Assay Technology represents a groundbreaking advancement. It is a chemical-free and non-destructive method that precisely measures gold concentrations in samples. By subjecting samples to high-energy x-rays, this innovative technology excites atomic nuclei, resulting in faster, safer, and environmentally friendly analysis of gold,” he said

On his part, the Director General of Ghana Geological Survey Authority, Mr Isaac Mwinbelle, acknowledged the crucial role of Intertek Minerals Limited in exploration activities in Ghana for various minerals, especially Gold and Lithium, one of the critical minerals globally being sought after.

“Intertek’s Tarkwa site has become a hub for other mineral exploration in West Africa. This new Technology marks further investment to support the mining supply chain in Ghana, and use its Tarkwa hub as a base for other minerals exploration in West Africa,” he added.