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EPA sets up committee to review Anto Aboso explosion

By primenewsghana
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In response to a tragic explosion at a quarry site in Anto-Aboso, Western Region, which claimed the lives of five individuals and left several others injured on September 10, 2023, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has taken immediate action.

They have established a three-member committee tasked with a comprehensive evaluation of their monitoring and enforcement strategy.

It has come to light that the quarry in question was operating without the necessary authorization, as disclosed by the Minerals Commission. Dr. Henry Kokofu, the EPA’s Executive Director, emphasized the need for more rigorous monitoring and enforcement measures moving forward.

Dr. Kokofu stated, “We will significantly enhance our monitoring and enforcement efforts.”

The primary objective of the three-member committee is to critically assess the EPA’s current approach to monitoring and enforcement and subsequently propose recommendations for enhancement.

Furthermore, the Minerals Commission revealed that the quarry had been engaging in nighttime operations, presumably to evade detection by Commission inspectors and the local task force, which included police personnel and members of the Sand Winners and Quarry Association.

In a parallel development, in response to the tragic incident, the Western Regional Security Council (WSRC) promptly constituted a nine-member committee on September 11 to investigate the causes of the Kobina-Andokrom quarry explosion, which resulted in the loss of five lives on Saturday night.