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Ghana School of Law: SRC President Wonder Kutor interdicted 

By PrimeNewsGhana
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The Students’ Representative Council of the Ghana School of Law has interdicted its president, Wonder Victor Kutor over allegations of misappropriation of funds, abuse of office, and conflict of interest.

The Executive Committee of the SRC probing the allegations in a statement said the interdiction is based on a prima facie case it has established against Wonder Victor Kutor.

“Pursuant to the concurrent resolutions of the Executive Council of the SRC dated 17th April 2022 and of the Congress dated 15th April 2022 interdicting the SRC President, Mr. Wonder Victor Kutor, pending investigation by an independent ad hoc Committees set up, this is to formally state for the attention and action of the underlisted that Mr. Wonder Kutor is hereby interdicted in accordance with Article 34(d) and (e) of the SRC constitution.”

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“The interdiction is grounded on, among others a prima facie case established upon the probing of Mr. Wonder Kutor before the Executive Council on 7th April 2022, and subsequent admissions in a radio interview on Citi FM on 12th April 2022, which acts bring the SRC into disrepute.”

The Executive Council further indicated that it has, by a resolution under Article 20(4) of the SRC Constitution, appointed Mr. Yoofi Impraim, Vice President of the Greenhill campus, as interim President until the findings of the Investigation Committee are complete.

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“Mr. Kutor, is, therefore, in the interim not to be recognized or dealt with as SRC President. The SRC Executive Council shall in writing subsequently communicate the end of the interdiction if necessitated by the findings of the Committee,” it added.


Some students of the Ghana School of Law have made allegations against the SRC President Wonder Kutor for misappropriating funds, abuse of office, and other activities described as a conflict of interest.

Speaking to PrimeNews, some of the students said the SRC President Wonder Kutor used his company called Submaxinn Consult which he is the sole owner, to sell his Toyota Corrolla car to the SRC when the Kumasi campus of the school needed a car.

According to them, the SRC paid Ghc 71, 500 for the car, and after their search on Google with the chassis number 2T1BURHE0EC043574 they found out that it was an accident car that the SRC President was using before selling it to the SRC.

They said their concern is that the SRC President Wonder Kutor did not disclose the company that won the bidding for the purchase of the car, Submaxinn Consult was his company.

The said car broke down after just a trip from Kumasi and it is parked at Main Campus in Accra, and they are now requesting for refund and accusing him of conflict of interest.

On abuse of office, they said the SRC President also used his company "Wonder Consult" to run the SRC-owned mobile money business and proceeds are going to him instead of the SRC.

He has failed to disclose the amount of money he has gathered from Corporate Ghana claiming that those monies are not for the SRC.

There are issues of over-bloated cost of items bought like a football cup which he bought for Ghc 3000 when it is Ghc 500 in the market among others. Amid all these issues, they said Wonder Kutor is traveling to Texas at the expense of Students and students do not have souvenirs as entitled.

Meanwhile, a student of the Ghana School of Law has sued the SRC President over the said misappropriation, abuse of office, and conflict of interest.