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GHOne TV renders apology and express commitment to keeping  high standards and values of Society

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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GHOne TV has rendered an apology to its viewers and Ghanaians over a mishap on their Thursday adult show, Duvet.

The TV station in a statement said they "admit that this unfortunate turn of event might have affected the sensitivity and sensibility of you our cherished viewers."

They have also expressed commitment to keeping high standards and values of Society.

"We are also mindful of our social responsibility in ensuring that the high standards and values of our society are not compromised. It was not at all, and will never be our intention to commit such a blunder and water down the quality education and entertainment we serve our viewers and Ghanaians," the statement added.

GHOne TV has assured the public that such an incident will not repeat itself.

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"We promise that this incident which is against the policies and values of our business and the standard operating procedures of our programming department will not repeat itself."

According to the statement, officers responsible for this unfortunate situation have been heavily sanctioned.

About the Duvet show

Issues of sex and love continue to play an integral role in making affairs of the heart a pleasant encounter to those who are attracted and/or attached to each other.

As a consequence, people strive to get informed about some of the basic principles of sustaining their intimate relationships.

However, most individuals still find themselves in a maze of life in this regard, making it very difficult for them to achieve the desired aim in their respective tie-ins. This has been pointed out by many experts, among others, as a result of their inability to experience quality productions which hosts trustworthy resource persons to guide them in this vein.

It is against this backdrop that the need to pass these key information to such persons have become a matter of necessity.

In Ghana, GhOne TV has set out to champion the cause of making relationships better with the introduction of the sex-talk show dubbed DUVET. It is a flagship TV program which brings to the fore, pertinent issues of the intimate relationship between people which mainly happens "under the sheets".

Originally created as a special content for the station's Valentine's Day commemoration in February 2018, 'DUVET' has now become a weekly must-watch TV show for people who are bent on building a healthy love life in their respective amorous entanglement.

This comes after a positive feedback from viewers who also felt 'DUVET' was off the usual way of sex-talk shows in the country while mentioning that it is the right content they've yearned for in years, so far as matters of such nature are concerned.