Prof.Mike Ocquaye urges gov't to reserve 30% of appointment for women

By Wendy Amarteifio
Prof .Mike Ocquaye urges govt to reserve 30% of appointment for women

The Speaker of Parliament Professor Michael Aaron Ocquaye has urged government to reserve 30% of its appointment into local assemblies for women.

He made this known at the opening of the 2019 edition annual new year school and conference at the University of Ghana, Legon yesterday (January 14 2019).

The speaker called for more efforts and affirmative action in order to maximize the political influence of women in the country.

He advocates that political parties reserve it quotas for women in their strong areas.

According to Prof Mike Ocquaye" Today by global standards, Ghana is in the last fifth category of women representation in parliament. We cannot compare ourselves in any way with Rwanda for example and even as the affirmative action law is before parliament now, I think it is good enough for us to examine carefully and come out with ideas as to maximize the political influence of women in our dear nation.

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The Speaker of Parliament noted that ''It is my wish that we should have special seats created for women to contest alone so as to give them an opportunity to come to parliament.

''It is my suggestion that the political parties must also have quotas for women in this regard and as for the district assemblies the one-third of its members reserved for the presidents at any given time should now be reserved for women only''.he added