Read what KABA wrote to his wife

By PrimeNewsGhana

Wife of fallen broadcast journalist Kwadwo Asare Baffuor Acheampong, KABA, has shared some intimate moments of their marriage in her tribute.

Valentina Ofori-Afriyie says KABA promised to be a better husband and father in the years ahead. 

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Exactly a year today you formally agreed to be my wife and me your husband. 

I'm grateful I chose you and you chose me: you know why; because in the last one year, I've had no reason to ask why I married and to you. As far as I am concerned I made the right decision.

In the last one year, God has also blessed this family with the miracle baby Nana Yaa. What else can a man ask for in marriage?

So as we mark this milestone, I want to say thank you for choosing me. But it hasn't all been a smooth sailing experience. We've had our own peculiar challenges and even through it all you stood by me...... sicknesses, financial, my family, my mum, and most of
all from me.

I know you sometimes complain I don't  listen to you or that when you speak I don't let you finish and I cut in.

I know sometimes it's bothersome to you. I promise to make amends. Forgive me if I hurt you in any way.

In the years ahead, I can only promise with God's help to be a better husband and a father in all spheres.

There's only one thing which lacks in our journey, getting closer to Christ. We must take steps to formalize our relationship with him again soon as we leave this place God willing to our house.

There's only one thing I ask of you; don't give up on me, Don't give up on us Never stop praying for us-Myself Yourself and Nana Yaa.

When I go wrong please correct me. I Have never stopped loving you. Ours was not a mistake

lt the envy of all Let guard it jealously.

If I were to be asked again the same question, KABA do you take Valentina Ofori-Afriyie as your wedded wife?

I'll answer that a thousand times, Yes!!! Happy anniversary Maryval

Love you"