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Punish teachers who sexually abuse students-MP

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
Stevens Siaka

 Chairman of Parliament's Committee on Education Stevens Siaka has called for strict sanctions for teachers who sexually abuse students in the various schools in the country.

According to him, it is unfortunate that people who are in privileged positions try to abuse the position for their personal gains and the need to seriously check these actions of teachers sexually abusing the students.

"It is unfortunate for people who are at privilege position trying to abuse it you see the underlying factor is trust and if the trust is being abused where do we go from here?"

He also apportions of some of the blame to parents who allowed their wards to send phones to school especially SHS students as it serves as a means of communication between the teachers and the students after class.

" times most of the parents are also part of this system the child is supposed to learn and to use technology and because of that we have been given mobile phones.." 

Sexually abuse students hauled before Disciplinary Committee

Victims of sexual harassment at Ejisuman SHS in the Ashanti Region have been hauled before the school's disciplinary committee after they went public with their experiences.

According to JoyFM's report the girls have been accused of speaking to the media and leaving campus without exeats.

Ejisuman SHS has been preparing a report after the investigative committee ordered by the Ghana Education Service heard lurid stories of at least 10 girls who say they have been sexually harassed by teachers and non-teaching staff.

Sexually abuse students

A student said she was asked by her teacher to stroke his penis and insert it into her mouth. She declined but succumbed to a compromise to use saliva to help her teacher ejaculate.

The revelations appear to have stampeded the investigative committee whose report is expected to remain undisclosed to the public.

Taking action since the story broke last Thursday, Disciplinary Committee has moved to sit on the matter on Monday.

The committee is headed by the headmistress and include an assistant headmaster.

A series of decisions are expected to be taken within 24 hours.

The punishment could include de-boardinisation, suspensions or dismissal for the vocal girls.

Already, the victims of sexual harassment face scorn on campus. A day after appearing before the investigative committee, one girl was slapped from behind by a teacher after she was found to be wearing unprescribed sandals.

Before the investigative committee began its work, the Nkusuohene called for protection for the girls who appear before it.

The school is midway through the second term with exams expected in April.

There are growing calls for the accused teachers to be dismissed from the Ghana Education Service. Ghana News