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N/R: NPP executives want Tamale Mayor sacked

By Hagar Ofosua
Musah Superior,Mayor of Tamale

Calls for the dismissal of the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer, Musah Superior, has intensified as most New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives have joined in the request. 

According to some party executives, Musah Superior's decongestion exercise which evicted traders from the forest reserve has affected most traders.

The executives explained that this can have a toll on the party's fortunes in the next election as many party members have been affected by the exercise. 

Musah Superior is also being accused of amassing the party's wealth to enrich himself at the detriment of the constituency.

 Addressing the press conference in Tamale today, the Tamale South Constituency Secretary, Yussif Danjumah, said, "he [Musah Superior] awarded contracts to himself and his cronies. No single contract has ever been awarded to the current crop of executives for both constituencies".

"If he is beyond everybody in this Region, Mr President, Tamale Metro can no longer contain we the executives and the MCE", he explained.

Mr. Danjumah said "we have no other option than to call for his dismissal since that is the only language he comprehends. He claims he is answerable only to the President and that he got his appointment from the Presidency, at least, that is not in contention, so, therefore, Mr. President we are asking you to choose between the party executives and an individual who is bent on destroying the party and the Metropolis. Mr President your Party member are tired with Musah Superior".

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