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Tema residents protest use of Titi-Ofei's facility as COVID-19 isolation centre

By Mutala Yakubu
Titi-Ofei's facility
Titi-Ofei's facility
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Residents of Tema Community 18 are protesting Bishop Titi-Ofei's plan to allow his property to be used as an isolation Centre for COVID-19 patients.

The residents confronted Bishop Titi-Ofei over why he wants to allow the health directorate in Tema to use his Titi-Ofei Centre as an isolation centre.

They say they were not consulted before the decision was reached because an isolation centre can not be in the middle of a busy town.

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One of the residents who spoke to Joy News said: "The concern of the community is that we were not consulted, we feel this place is not good for an isolation centre because if you check the next neighbour is just a wall away from them, the gutter to be used is used by many, this is an infectious disease that has come up. When you go to the hospitals the isolation centres are close to the mortuary so why plant an isolation centre in the middle of the community. We wanted an engagement first if he declines we will use legal means".

Bishop Titi-Ofei also spoke on the issue said he is only offering a helping hand to the authorities and it is up to them to determine if the facility is suitable for such purpose.

"One of about 3 spaces we are offering for accommodation, we have set up the place and we want the experts to come and see if the place is good to be used. Doctor Obrempong Owusu head of Tema West Public Health was excited when he saw the place, the MP for the area, MCE and others have all called and given great feedback. I have been in the community for a long time so this is the least I can do to help".

The 100-bed facility if approved will be used by the Health Directorate as an isolation centre for patients of the novel Coronavirus.

The Bishop is a member of the National Peace Council of Ghana and also serves as the President and CEO of Almond Institute.

Ghana's COVID-19 cases keep rising as it is now 195. 3 persons have been discharged after testing negative.

18 persons are at home and responding to treatment and 80 persons are at the treatment facilities.

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49 have been discharged and are home receiving final treatment and will test later.