Towing levy will just add to the burden of Ghanaians -YES Boss

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

The Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of Youth Enterprise Support [YES] says the implementation of the new towing levy by the Road Safety Commission will unnecessarily add up to the burden of Ghanaians.

John Kumah believes there are better ways to address the incidence of broken down vehicles abandoned on the roads.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has announced that from July 1, vehicles owners will be required to pay an annual towing fee anytime they renewed their road worthy certificate. The essence of the policy is to remove broken-down or abandoned vehicles from the roads.

Road Safety Management Service Limited (RSMSL), a private company, in April announced it had been given the go-ahead by the DVLA to implement the policy, starting with a pilot.

The move has received sustained criticism from a large section of the population which argue there are existing laws that can address the issue if well implemented. Civil society have also argued authorities are simply trying to pass on the cost of their gross inefficiency onto the larger populace.

Speaking on CitiFM, the YES boss noted much detail has not been given to the public about the towing levy for Ghanaians to really understand the policy. He questioned why a single company has been engaged for the towing service for the entire country in a 20year long contract.

Kumah supported calls for scrapping of the policy and the implementation of existing laws to arrest the phenomenon.