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University of Ghana Distance Education Students tour Cape Coast on Easter holidays

By Vincent Ashitey
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University of Ghana Distance Education Students toured the Cape Coast on Easter holidays.

The theme for the tour was CAPE COAST EXPERIENCE 2023.

During the Easter celebrations marking the death and resurrection of Christ where Christian come together to unite their faith in the Lord.

A section of students from the Distance Education Community of the University of Ghana toured most tourist sites in the Cape Coast of Ghana with the theme CAPE COAST EXPERIENCE 2023.

Speaking to the leader of the team, Justice Richard Kumah-Don, a member of the Judicial Board of the Distance Education JCR, highlighted that the team visited the Ancestral Slave River Site located at Assin Manso, the Kakum National Park and the Cape Coast Castle to learn about the historical nature of the sites.

The team engaged in educational interaction with the tour guides and historians on both the primitive and present stories behind the existence of the sites visited.

He mentioned that Slavery is an act that shouldn't have cross paths with human beings, particularly the stories uncovered from the Cape Coast Castle where Blacks were humiliated and reduced to the level of an animal.

In his conclusion, He stated that "Slavery should be abolished in any form because it is a grave violation of human rights, dignity, and autonomy. It perpetuates exploitation, suffering, and inequality, denying individuals their freedom and basic human agency. The absence of slavery promotes justice, equality, and respect for all individuals, fostering a more humane and ethical society conducive for coexistence."