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Video: AK47-wielding Police officer brutalizes woman in a bank

By Clement Edward Kumsah
Police officer

A police officer has been captured on video brutalizing a woman in a bank despite the mother holding a little child in her arm.

 It is reported that the woman got to the bank late and the Police officer asked her to leave and come back the next day but the woman refused and said she needs to be served because she needs some money from her account.

In the video, the Police officer, identified as Frederick Amanor, is seen ferociously hitting the helpless woman with an umbrella repeatedly and slapping her in the face.

In the video, another man is seen trying to pull the woman away from the armed policeman; but the woman is adamant as she also hits back at the officer.

The man, however, manages to take the baby from the woman while the officer slaps her some more and finally drags her out of the banking hall.

 Police Officer captured in video