We have capable women who can perform in gov't - Child Resource and Research Ghana

By Wendy Amarteifio
We have capable women who can perform in gov't - Child Resource and Research Ghana

The Programmes Manager at Child Resource and Research Ghana, Efua Chidi is calling on the Appointment Committee of Parliament to halt its work and make a critical analysis of ministerial nominees and involve not less than 6 women saying the country has capable women who can perform equally as men.

This follows the action of women groups in Ghana demanding the list of designated Ministers and Deputy Ministers for the newly created Regions and some existing Regions be recalled and reconsidered to ensure gender equality.

According to the group, they are extremely disappointed in Akufo-Addo's recent nomination. The groups included 51 civil society organizations making a call in reaction to what they say as Akufo-Addo's decision to nominate one woman out of the 14 names to head the newly created regions despite a campaign promise to make a minimum of 30% appointment to women. The groups said the current ratio represented in the list is just 6.25% for women.

The women groups have expressed concern about the nomination of 14 persons for consideration by Parliament as Ministers which had only one woman.

In an interview with Starr News, Efua Chidi stated that the committee should stop work and add to the list not less than 6 women.

''We advise accordingly all relevant leadership and committees of parliament to ensure compliance with National and International laws and policies on gender equality participation and representation of both men and women in public and political offices''.

''We have 51 civil society organizations calling that the Appointment commitee should stop work and go back to the drawing board to look at the nominations critically put not less than 6 women there because we have capable women in this country who can perform,''she added.

Also, Programmes Manager at Women in Law and Development in Africa, WILDAF, Frank Bogya is calling on the entire house to reject the recommendation of nominees by the Appointment committee 

''The appointment committee is not the approving authority they will make recommendation to the entire house to approve them.Its the entire house that will approve and we are also calling on them to object to that or reject it absolutely.They should not allow that to go through''.