10 tips that will help you memorise the scripture

By primenewsghana.com
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Do you feel you are close enough to God because you do not have enough scripture in you? Is it time constraint, old age or just laziness that is not allowing you get some of 'the word' in memory?

Well, the following 10 tips recommended by freelance writer, Angela Cornell will help you memorise the scripture.

Know that, contrary to popular opinion, people who memorise regularly are not “super Christians” with photographic memories. Instead, they have simply learned ways to make the challenge fun and simple. Below are 10 tried-and-true memory strategies.

1. Start with passages you’re already familiar with.

2. Write the verse on one side of an index card and the verse reference on the other. Carry the card around with you so you can work on memorising it during wait times.

3. Record yourself reading the verses. Listen and follow along while you’re driving, working out, or cleaning.

4. Write the first letter of each word in the verse. When you need a hint, look at the letters instead of the full verse.

5. Use the stacking method. Stack small drawings or pictures that represent different keywords in the verse. This can help you visualise the verse, even when you aren’t looking at the pictures.

6. If you learn best when you do something with your hands, shuffle a deck of cards while you quote. The repetitive motion will help you concentrate.

7. Tape your verse to the bathroom mirror and work on it as you shave or fix your hair in the morning.

8. Write the verse by hand. Rewrite the verse over and over, or use hand-lettering and other creative illustrations. Utilising fine motor skills engages your brain. The more of your brain you can employ while memorising, the better the information will stick.

9. Memorise for five minutes, and then take a break. This allows your brain to relax after the mental exercise.

10. Set your computer and phone background images to verses. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you have it memorised!

Although Bible memorization can be challenging, it’s vital for anyone interested in growing spiritually. Not only is it commanded in Scripture, but also you’ll be strengthened and be able to benefit others as well. So try it! Choose a verse. Memorise it. When you’re done, share it with three people. After that, choose another verse. You don’t want to miss the powerful ways God can use this practice in your life.