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3 gas safety tips everyone should know

By Wendy Amarteifio
3 gas safety tips everyone should know
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Gas is mainly used for cooking by many households.

As much as it the cheapest and fastest way of cooking, gas is also dangerous when not properly monitored.

One should always be familiar with the safety tips that involve using gas. Here are some of the safety tips that everyone should know.

1. Have a carbon monoxide (CO2) alarm installed

Carbon monoxide is known to be dangerous but also hard to detect. Having a carbon monoxide alarm installed in your house can help a lot in alarming you whenever there is any lick. That way, you will be ahead of things before making any mistake of lighting the gas.

2. Never light a naked flame if you smell CO2

If in any case you enter a room and you smell CO2, it is important to not light a naked flame. The first precaution to take is opening all the openings in the room to allow fresh air into the room. Lighting a naked flame can result in an outbreak of flames.

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3. Keep your appliances well maintained

Always check and make sure that all the appliances fitted to the gas are appropriate. This is one of the key ways of gas safety. Lack of frequent checking may endanger your life.

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