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50 Christmas baby names and their meanings

By Vincent Ashitey
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It's December which means it's almost CHRISTMAS.

As Andy Williams sung it's the most wonderful time of the year, especially if you're due to welcome a beautiful baby boy or girl into the world.

Christmas is one of the most delightful moments of the year. The mood begins to shift into a celebratory one right from the first day of December (or even before that. During this time, we have a lot to celebrate. We celebrate love, survival, family, and life. But most of all, we celebrate newness and birth, the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we draw from the significance of His birth for whatever we do during this season. Including childbirth. Here are names that capture the meaning of this season.

50 Christmas baby names and their meanings

  • 1. Angelica
    Meaning: "angel or angelic"

    2. Angel
    Meaning: "angel or angelic"

    3. Astra
    Meaning: "star"

    4. Belle
    Meaning: "beautiful"

    5. Bianca
    Meaning: "white"

    6. Candy
    Meaning: "dazzling white"

    7. Carol
    Meaning: "free man"

    8. Christabel
    Meaning: "fair Christian"

    9. Clara
    Meaning: "bright, clear"

    10. Eve
    Meaning: "lively and entertaining"

    11. Gabrielle
    Meaning: "hero of god"

    12. Gwendolen / Gwen
    Meaning: "white, fair, blessed"

    13. Hoshi
    Meaning: "star"

    14. Ivy
    Meaning: "faithfulness"

    15. Juniper
    Meaning: "of the winter tree"

    16. Lucia
    Meaning: "bright light"

    17. Mary
    Meaning: "wished for child"

    18. Merry
    Meaning: "guardian of the sea"

    19. Natasha
    Meaning: "born at Christmas"

    20. Neve
    Meaning: "snow"

    21. Noelle
    Meaning: "the Christmas festival"

    22. Robin
    Meaning: "famed, bright, and shining"

    23. Seren
    Meaning: "shooting star"

    24. Virginia
    Meaning: "maid, virgin"

    25. Winter
    Meaning: "of the season"




    1. Angel
    Meaning: "angel or angelic"

    2. Aster
    Meaning: "star"

    3. Aubin
    Meaning: "white, blonde"

    4. Balthasar
    Meaning: "God protects the king"

    5. Berry
    Meaning: "of nature"

    6. Christian
    Meaning: "follower of Christ"

    7. Cole
    Meaning: "coal black"

    8. Douglas
    Meaning: "strength, courage"

    9. Jack
    Meaning: "God is gracious"

    10. Jasper
    Meaning: "bringer of treasure"

    11. Lumi
    Meaning: "snow"

    12. Melchior
    Meaning: "city of the king"

    13. Nicholas
    Meaning: "people's victory"

    14. Noël
    Meaning: "Christmas"

    15. Olwen
    Meaning: "white footprint"

    16. Pax
    Meaning: "peaceful"

    17. Pine
    Meaning: "of the tree"

    18. Quilo
    Meaning: "of the North Wind"

    19. Robin
    Meaning: "famed, shining"

    20. Rory
    Meaning: "red king"

    21. Rudolph
    Meaning: "famous wolf"

    22. Snow
    Meaning: "of the snow"

    23. Theodore / Teddy
    Meaning: "gift of God"

    24. Whittaker
    Meaning: "white field"

Each of these baby names carries the virtues that are celebrated during Christmas. Enjoy making your choice.