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A letter to married women who attack side chicks on social media

By Michael Klugey
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A letter to married women who attack side chicks on social media
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A young lady on social media has sent a word of caution to all married women who attack side chicks on social media to focus on their husband.

Dear Married Women Who Attack Side Chicks on Social Media. Listen and listen good!

The issue is not with the side chicks, the crux of the matter lies with your husbands.

The fact that you are a social media user doesn’t mean you should discredit another person’s personality or call out any other person here for some unwarranted reasons.

Lay your fights where they should be, leave the frigging side chick ALONE! Her own matter lies with God and not you.

Focus on your husband, if he can’t learn to put his randiness and penis in check, then you can help him – whatever means you deem necessary.

It is totally uncalled for, unreasonable, illogical and absurd to bring a babe’s name on social media whether it is based on hearsay or whether you got them dating or sleeping with each other.

You don’t have any right to do what you do, you don’t have any right to face any lady. The onus lies on you to deal with your family, your husband, the one whose irresponsibility is as high as the Mount Everest.

A lot of you do not know how irresponsible your husbands are in the DM of these ladies or what they tell them to discredit you and your personality and ego. A lot of you don’t know that while you focus on another female, instead of your husband, she keeps on enjoying the fruits of your labour (as you usually say it)

A lot of you cannot face your perv husbands and accuse them of infidelity as if the foul you scream on the girls on here will make your husbands stop sharing their penis.

Source: Deedeesblog