Every lady you approach says no? Read this!

By Michael Klugey
Every girl you approach says no? Read this!
Every girl you approach says no? Read this!

You have once crushed on a lady till now you cannot get her off your mind. You always fantasise how great it will be having her close your chest. The way she walks, talks, tucks her hair behind the ears, how she smiles turns you on. 

It is possible that every time you see her, your adrenaline runs through your veins. This makes it impossible to talk to her freely due to confusion, love, and fear. After gaining enough courage of telling her the contents of your heart, she turns down your proposal.

These are the main reasons why those you crush on keep turning down your proposals:

You stare at her like a creep

Women love men who are soft-spoken and who handle them with decorum. If you are that type of man who stares at a woman, you will turn her off to finally reject your proposal. Be gentle and control how your eyes wander around her.

Your approach is too aggressive

For a girl to say ‘yes’ to a man, not looks are involved. You might not be enchanting but nice approach makes ladies attractive to you. Coming from tough hoods like Kibera does not mean that you be a gangster when approaching her. Women do not like men whose approach is so pushy and too aggressive.


Your intentions are not clear

Women love guys whose are face the bull by the horns. Do not haunt your feelings by beating around the bush. Let her know what you are feeling about her.


You beg her to say ‘yes’

Begging them to say yes, makes them lose confidence in you. They need men who are confident enough to express their feelings.


You fear being rejected.

Women can read your mind so quickly. If she realizes you fear her. Chances of turning you down are high.


You are not her type

Different women love different men depending on their taste. Some love strong and muscular men and others love slim but reserved men. If she turns you down you are possibly not her type.