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Fashion Monday: How to dress your rectangular body shape

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
How to dress your rectangular body shape
How to dress your rectangular body shape
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Do you know your body well? Have you ever thought about your body shape? If not, it is time to learn something new.

There are different body shapes: V Shape, Rectangle, Oval, Pear and the Hour Glass.

Every body shape has some advantages and disadvantages. But the point is to know your body shape well enough to select the right clothes.

What is a rectangle body shape?

A rectangle body shape means that you have a straight body shape. It means, your shoulders, hips and waistline are all the same width.

Therefore, your body can easily look like a boy if you choose the wrong cloth types. This, perhaps, is the key disadvantage for a lady with this type of body shape.

However, ladies with this type of body have one of the sexiest legs! So you don’t need to feel bad about it.

Here are some great tips that can help you slay in your rectangle body shape.

What to wear


The rectangle body shapes are known for their great legs! So there is no limit to make your legs the star of your outfit.  You should wear skinny jeans or tights which will bring out your great legs better.

But don’t go for baggy bottoms like flared trousers or boyfriend jeans.

Wear these:

-Skinny Jeans

-Straight-Leg Pants


Don’t wear these

-Baggy Bottoms

-Wide legged or flared bottoms

-Cropped Tops


The most important point about wearing tops is your waistline. As mentioned earlier, the waistline of a person with a rectangle body shape is straighter than others. So, your first aim is to make it look more feminine.

Here are some more suggestions for rectangle body shape tops

*You should wear long blazers with defined waists. So it will look like you have a real waistline.

*And you should wear all your tops and over pieces below the waist. This way, your hips don’t look that straight and your torso will look longer.

*Avoid wearing fitted tops which show your waistline too much.

Wear these:

-Long Blazer jackets with defined waists

-Long Tops

Don’t wear these

-Fitted Tops

-Crop Tops