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Boys have sex, men make love - Dr. Richard Eghan

By Bernice Ansah
Having sex is just for boys, making love is for men
Having sex is just for boys, making love is for men
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Medical Health Practitioner, Dr Richard Eghan, has encouraged the act of lovemaking among young men.

According to him, there is a vast difference between lovemaking and sex.

He indicated that young men who resort to aphrodisiac drugs want to have sex and not make love.

"I have been watching young men who actually go in there for drinks, mahogany, and the rest...They take these because they want to have sex. They don't want to make love. Having sex is just for the boys, let's just do it; making love is for the men who want to enjoy it. They want to take their time, they want to go through the process, the motions. They want to touch, they want to look, they want to suck. They want to do everything in order to enjoy it," he said.

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Speaking with Kafui Dey on GTV's Breakfast Show, Dr Eghan stated that sex is about enjoyment because the organs and reproductive system were made for that.

He has advised people to make more love and have less sex.

Dr Eghan believes couples should be free thinkers when it comes to sex and explore their bodies so well to give them a deeper understanding of themselves. 

Many people have agreed that while both terms describe getting physically intimate, making love might feel more romantic or emotional than a casual hookup would.