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How to have a great corporate style for women

By Michael Klugey
How to have a great corporate style for women
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The world of business has opened to a lot of women over the years, and the number of millennial women doing corporate work has risen more than ever before. 

Women, If you know your work involves walking around a lot, you might want to cut down the inches of your heel.

Now in most countries, men and women have access to education and technology, which has aided in broadly equal levels of output in workplaces. The narrative of women’s abilities being reduced to just being homemakers has changed. Their successes in the corporate space have been attributed to the fact that, because they are able to manage the home so well, they are able to transfer those management skills to the office.

Flipping the scripts, women face several challenges in the workplaces which are peculiar to them, such as exploitative sexual advances from men and the issue of pregnancy and how it interferes in their work. Having mentioned all that, it is important for women to feel confident and own how impactful they have been in the corporate space.

One major, but lightly taken way to boost your confidence is in what you wear, and your style. It is important to note that there is a standardized style for corporate women and my goal is to put you on that track if you are veering off, and spice you up if you are already on track.

Wear a Touch of Red When You Are Having a Presentation

The color red has a high attention commanding effect. It has the capability of singling you out of a group and putting the spot on you. What is better than getting everyone in the boardroom to have 100% focus on what you have to say.

Have Low or Minimum Nail Cut

In the corporate space, you don’t have to be all “barbied up” with Cardi B kind of nails. Mind you, you would have a lot of typing to do on the computer, numbers to input in the calculator, paper files to put in a folder, and the intercom to dial in. Keeping a low cut nail would make your work easier.

Wear Appropriate Heels

If you know your work involves walking around a lot, you might want to cut down the inches of your heel and vice versa. This goes a long way to increase the productivity of your work.

Always Keep a Lip Balm or Gloss

You will really need this especially if you are in the customer service department, or as a receptionist. Imagine talking to customers with powder dry lips. It might seem insignificant, but it all adds up to giving the customer a pleasant service experience.

Tone down on Your Makeup

As much as it is important to have a good general outlook in the corporate space as a woman, you should also know your work should be your focus of attention, and not you. Applying heavy night makeup during the day is absolutely inappropriate.