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I tried seducing my husband through online sex tips

By PrimeNewsGhana
I tried seducing my husband
I tried seducing my husband
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It had been a long time ever since I and my husband had good sex.

We weren’t detached from one another but were so busy with our individual lives, that we slowly failed to take out time for each other. We had completely let go of our sex lives and slowly, the physical emptiness started to devour us until we realised we needed to get back on track. Sex is very essential, especially in marriage because, without intimacy, marriage isn’t going to last long. Take it from me; a person who’s been in a sexless marriage for the past six months.

My husband and I don’t shy away from trying new things but time has played its game on us. And so, one fine afternoon when I finally had a break from work, I decided to try out new millennial sex tips from the internet. There were thousands of articles that suggested many different things. And so, the process of seducing my husband began. Following the first tip, I decided to wear a corset lingerie set that my husband had gifted me long back, and when that night as I showed up in front of him, I could see the night will be going pretty well. However, I started feeling dizzy and uncomfortable because I had definitely gained some extra inches in the past few months. And so, the next thing I knew was that I fainted! As I woke up, my husband gave me water and food and asked me to rest. So, the first attempt at seduction failed.

Then I decided to surprise my husband by giving him a shower. I had blatantly refused to do that earlier as I feared slipping and hurting my ankle. But then again, it is better to get over your fears soon. My husband had a wide grin on his face and we immediately started kissing passionately but amidst the intense encounter, I fell, exactly how I had feared. Another failed attempt! I was beyond disappointed with myself.

By this time, my husband had started chuckling with my interesting antics at seducing him. As he tucked me into bed, he caressed my cheek and told me that he was also going to try to impress me from thereon. The next day, he surprised me with a nude picture of his and I was beyond excited. Looks like I wasn’t the only one hovering over online sex advice!

And finally, when we decided to just start by having plain, old sex, we felt euphoric. It had been a long time and now, we had decided to invest in our quality time more. The online sex tips proved to be very useful; we got the push we needed to get our sex lives back on track.

Source: Times of India