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If you hear these 5 things, you are not getting any Sallah meat

By primenewsghana
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These are some things your Muslim friends say when they don’t want to give you Sallah meat.

The government has declared Monday public holiday to celebrate Sallah - Eid-Mubarak. 

Some people would be expecting meat from their friends and neighbours, but with the way the economy is set up, would their expectations fail?

Well, if you hear any of these five things, then you should know you are not getting any meat;

Many people would tell their coworkers there is no way they can give them meat that has lasted for two days.

Meanwhile, we know that the meats are well fried, and they can be preserved for a long time, what about using a refrigerator?

If you hear this, just know no Sallah meat for you.

Some people would even lie that this isn’t the big Sallah.

This lie, of course, will not fly, but if you hear these from your Muslim friend or colleague, just know that you are getting any meat. I mean, which other big Sallah are we expecting, please?

Especially when you don’t live close to each other, you now have to begin the long journey to their house.

When they say this, they believe your ‘long throat’ won’t make you come all the way, prove them wrong and appear in their houses on Sallah day.